A little somethin’ extra…Free Fiction Friday


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This month’s Free Fiction Friday is a special event – rather than a short sexy drabble, I’m posting a lust-filled extra to Matt and Rafe’s story in Come and Play: Video Games.

When I wrote Video Games, I wanted to do something that was short and sweet and a little raunchy, but didn’t go the whole way to the bedroom because hey, some people prefer to have just a mild spice to their romance. Maybe others were left feeling that there was a scene missing at the end. For those of the latter persuasion, GOOD NEWS! This is for you. All you have to do is read on…

Word count: ~2500

Warnings: Explicit, smatterings of British English

“You sure you’re not coming out tonight?”


“What about you? You’ve still got ten minutes til the taxi arrives.”


Right; shit. Too many things to be written, and not enough time to write them. Nothing that can’t be solved by writing a list!

Current projects and the order in which they will be written:
1) Matt and Rafe’s first time – free extra scene to go with Video Games
2) Hot Coffee – one shot story for M/M Romance’s Love is Always Write event. Somewhere between 5 – 10k words; the tale of how an accountant and a barista meet and fall in love
3) Dark Matters – I really seriously need to get my act together and finish this bloody book to follow on from Imposition. I’m itching to get Meitou’s story told.  This novel will widen the Imposition universe considerably, through focusing on the sometimes mundane, sometimes tragic events that have made the Diplomat Fleet Commander the man he is. Chapters plotted, and the first two finished, I just need to sit down and concentrate on it for a couple of months.
4) Come and Play: Poker – essentially a sub seducing a dom after a date won in a poker match; probably ~10k words, half-finished
5) Frontline – Dark tragedy about the blossoming of love between two infantry soldiers lost behind enemy lines and trying to get home. 
Another short one-shot, Snow Day, is with Torquere at the moment for consideration!
Now I’ve done the list, it’s time to do the stuff on it…to keep myself motivated I’ll post a weekly update on progress, and maybe a couple of lines from the books here and there 🙂

Love is Always Write


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I’ve grabbed myself a prompt story for the Goodreads M/M Romance event Love is Always Write! Readers post a pic and a short letter for inspiration, and writers get to snap up the one that takes their fancy for a 3.5 – 35k word story which will be posted over on Goodreads, and might be part of an anthology.

This cute (Glee!) couple posted by Kendra caught my eye – I’m a sucker for men who aren’t afraid to show their softer sides when they’re alone together.

I feeling a sweet tale of hard-earned love coming on…

Free Fiction Friday!



Once or twice a month, on a Friday, I’ll drop a free read here for your reading pleasure.

Heat rating: Explicit

Genre: Contemporary

Summary: Faking car trouble is one way to get a mechanic into bed. Or spread over the hood of your car.

Word count: ~1600


“You’ve had so many problems with this thing; maybe you should just cut your losses and buy a new car. It’d save you a lot of hassle, and money. You’ve been back nearly every week for about a month and a half, and every time there’s something new.”

“I know, it’s annoying the hell out of me.” Dan handed his keys over to Miguel, the mechanic who usually dealt with his car troubles. Their hands touched, briefly. Long enough for Dan to feel the warmth in Miguel’s touch.

He watched as Miguel popped the hood and leaned over to check the engine. Miguel’s blue overalls stretched tight over his ass and across his shoulders, and Dan couldn’t help but stare. Every time he visited, despite his best efforts, Miguel’s body, quiet humour and sincere smile would have him head-over-heels again.

Miguel turned suddenly to say something.

Dan was gazing lovingly at Miguel’s ass. He’d looked away, but not fast enough.

Miguel squinted at him. “Were you checking me out?”

Dan’s embarrassment was fierce. “What? No, I wasn-”

Miguel dropped the hood. “I think I understand the source of all your engine troubles now.”

Dan was nervous. Miguel was looking at him in a way that his dick appreciated far too much, and at this rate it was going to give him away. “Oh? W-what do you think it is?”

Miguel wagged an accusing finger at him. “You know about engines,” he said. “The other week when I asked you about the sump, you knew exactly what I meant. That’s when I started thinking, ‘hey, this is odd, this guy obviously knows his stuff, probably enough to fix things for himself, and yet he just keeps coming back, a new problem every week. Why?’”

Dan swallowed hard. Miguel discarded his wrench on the workbench, and stepped towards him.

“What are you talking about?” he said.

“The frequency of problems makes me think sabotage, but whoever did this would need to know what they were doing, I mean really know, so it isn’t obvious it was done on purpose.” Miguel nodded, still coming towards him. “Your skill is impressive.”

He was close now. So close Dan could feel the heat off the man’s body. “Hey, what are you suggesting? I don’t know the first thing about-”

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